Last Year

{4.5/5} “But visitors don’t get into the City for free, do they? The price is paid in gold and silver, and all that gold and silver goes straight to the so-called future, where it lines somebody’s pocket. How they came here is difficult to understand; what they want of us is not.”

Last Year by Robert Charles Wilson, published in 2016

In Illinois in 1876 the City of Futurity allows people from the future to visit America’s past. And it allows locals who can afford it to get a glimpse of the future. But it’s not going to be around forever — 1877 will be its last year. When Jesse saves the life of President Ulysses S. Grant he’s asked to investigate how the world-be assassin obtained a weapon from the future.

The premise is delightful, and the story proceeds from the motivations of an intriguing group of characters. In particular, a man of the past and a woman of the future are thrown together to solve a mystery and find a missing person.

It’s another Wilson novel that could have a sequel but probably won’t. I liked it a lot.

I previously reviewed Wilson’s The Affinities.

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