Star Trek: Aurora (season 1)

{4/5} “Never speak ill of your ship. Your ship is your life.”

Star Trek: Aurora season 1, aired in 2006-15

Kara and T’Ling take their cargo ship Aurora through a nebula to save time — other ships wouldn’t be able to do it because they don’t have armor plating. When another ship foolishly follows them into the nebula it has to eject its warp core. To escape the ensuing explosion Kara takes the Aurora to warp — and ends up in another universe.

This is another fan series, and there are 2 episodes. It’s set around the time of The Original Series.

The first episode starts off a bit slow but once Kara shows up in the other universe it’s quite a bit more interesting. The second episode is fairly silly and involves our old friend Harry Mudd.

The animation is all right, but you don’t want to focus on the characters’ mouths while they’re talking because they’re not perfectly synchronized.

This show is the brainchild of animator and writer Tim Vining.

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