Star Trek: Unspoken Truth

{4.5/5} “‘Unpleasant truths are best left unspoken…’ She raised one hand in a gesture her mentor T’Pau was noted for, but T’Saan wore it more gently than the old aristocrat ever had. ‘Your concern for her safety is noted. You are as protective of her today as you were when you were children.'”

Star Trek: Unspoken Truth by Margaret Wander Bonanno, published in 2010

After the Genesis incident Saavik was granted leave by Starfleet, but she signed up for a mission on another ship. It’s a mission to an unexplored planet, where a probe has revealed unidentifiable plants and a society of giant worms. Then one of the people she grew up with on Hellguard reveals that three of their group have recently died — he believes murdered.

If you’re a fan of Saavik, this is the book for you. It gives deeper insight into some of the actions we saw her take in the movies.

The main story takes place around the time of Star Trek IV. One part is a first contact story and another is a Romulan spy story — both are fascinating.

Bonanno has written several Star Trek novels including Strangers from the Sky and Burning Dreams.

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