Superman: Earth One

{4.5/5} “They’ll need to see your face so they can see there’s no evil in it… to see the gentleness and decency in you… and know that they have nothing to fear.” — Martha Kent

Superman: Earth One (3 volumes) by J. Michael Straczynski, Shane Davis & others, published in 2010-15

Clark Kent has decided to do something with his life to make him happy — he’s just not sure what that is. Then an alien armada comes to Earth led by Tyrell. Clark knows he must reveal himself because he’s the only one who can stop them. Tyrell reveals that Krypton was destroyed on purpose, in a deal his people made with an unknown party.

What if Superman had been created in the 21st century? It might look something like this. It starts when he moves to Metropolis as a young man, with flashbacks to when he was a child and when he arrived on Earth.

Lois Lane and Jim Olsen are terrific characters here — willing to do anything for the story, to tell the truth. Lisa, Clark’s next door neighbour, is another great character.

This is a superb story, and I like the artwork quite a bit.

I previously reviewed the 1st 2 volumes.

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