Star Trek: Discovery — Drastic Measures

{4.5/5} “Ribiero simply wasn’t suited to crisis management. On the other hand, Kodos acted as though he was born to do it. Looking back on it, he came off somewhat less emphatic than I remember. Instead, he was cool, almost detached in a way… If only one of us had been smart enough to see that, and understood it for what it was.”

Star Trek: Discovery — Drastic Measures by Dayton Ward, published in 2018

Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Lorca is in charge of a small Starfleet outpost on Tarsus IV when a food contamination disaster occurs. The governor is replaced by Kodos, who has a horrific plan. Meanwhile, Commander Philippa Georgiou is aboard the Narbonne, which is on its way to Tarsus IV with emergency supplies.

This story takes place 10 years before season 1 of Discovery.

Kodos first appeared in the Original Series episode “The Conscience of the King.” Two characters created last year fit perfectly into this story that was imagined 50 years ago.

At first I wasn’t sure this particular story would be interesting — but it was in Ward’s hands.

When they’re looking for Kodos one person who helps them is a young Jim Kirk.

I previously reviewed Ward’s novel Star Trek: TNG — Hearts and Minds.

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