Murdoch Mysteries (season 11)

{5/5} “Not everything’s a puzzle, Murdoch. Sometimes people are just crackers.” — Inspector Brackenreid

Murdoch Mysteries season 11, aired in 2017-18

William has been framed for murder, Julia has been kidnapped. and Inspector Brackenreid is missing. George, Henry, and Jackson have all been shot. The ones who are left must work together in secret to bring the real criminals to justice. Inspector Brackenreid’s son John joins the force — but his mother isn’t happy about it.

Murdoch meets Hellen Keller and Tom Thomson.

Stars Daniel Maslany.

Colin Mochrie guest stars as a hotel detective. David Hewlett guest stars as a man who’s hit by a car. Megan Follows guest stars as an archaelogist in this season’s hilarious Christmas special.

I previously reviewed season 10.

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