Timeless (season 2)

{4.5/5} “Get some clothes. Steal a car.” — Lucy and Rufus, at the same time

Timeless season 2, aired in 2018

Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus continue to try to figure out what Rittenhouse is doing and stop them. Lucy has discovered that her mother and father both belong to Rittenhouse. In 1918 in France Lucy’s mother rescues a soldier, with a little help from Marie Curie, and intends to take him back to 2018. In 1941 in LA Rittenhouse has stolen the only copy of Citizen Kane.

This season only has 10 episodes but they’re full of greatness.

The episode with JFK was brilliant. Harriet Tubman was one of the most incredible people they met on their travels.

The ending of the season finale was astonishing — it definitely deserves another season.

Stars Matt Lanter and Malcolm Barrett.

I previously reviewed season 1.

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  1. Dave Switzer Says:

    The show has been cancelled (again). There’s talk of a movie to wrap things up, but that may or may not happen.

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