Star Trek: Discovery — Fear Itself

{4.5/5} “The simulation helped to keep Saru focused and, more importantly, it was a constant reminder of the singular truth that he believed above all others — the universe was an inherently dangerous place, which would kill the unwary and the unprepared in a heartbeat.”

Star Trek: Discovery — Fear Itself by James Swallow, published in 2018

The Shenzhou comes across a shocking explosion and they find a Peliar ship in distress, its warp core in trouble. Captain Georgiou isn’t able to communicate with the ship, but she sends over a shuttlecraft anyway. On the away mission is Lieutenant Saru, who finds in addition to the Peliar crew a group of unknown aliens on the ship.

This book takes place 4 years before the TV show. If you’re a fan of Saru, this is the book for you.

Michael Burnham is featured as well, and our old friends the Tholians show up to cause trouble.

It’s a great story about one being who struggles against his inner nature, and other beings who engage in conflict without understanding the other side.

I’ve read 4 of Swallow’s Star Trek books. I previously reviewed Star Trek: Titan — Sight Unseen.

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