The Stars Are Legion

{4/5} “Soon, what is left of the world will be a soupy ruin, and Anat will send me or one of her daughters out here with an army to salvage it and feed it into the great mouth of the recycling monsters on Katazyrna, until Katazyrna is healthy again. But only for a time… Because the worlds are hungry beasts, and the organic matter here to feed them is finite. Eventually it will eat us all whole.”

The Stars Are Legion by Kameron Hurley, published in 2017

Zan wakes up on a worldship with no memory. She discovers that her mission, which she keeps failing over and over, is to take the ship called Mokshi. Her mother wants it for Katazyrna, which is in trouble. Then a deal is made with their enemies, the Bhavaja — peace in exchange for Zan’s sister Jayd.

It took me a bit to get into it, but once I did I found the characters and situations interesting.

It’s about the long game, and how much you’re willing to sacrifice for the greater good.

It didn’t grab me quite as much as I expected it to, but it’s worth reading. I didn’t quite buy the overall plan, which required one of the two planmakers to intentionally lose her memory.

This is the 1st book by Hurley I’ve read.

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