{4.5/5} “Bringing young people of different species together, so that they may learn one another’s languages and customs, would be the best way to ensure understanding and communication in the future.”

StarBridge by A. C. Crispin, published in 1989

Mahree is aboard a ship that detects a signal that turns out to be artificial in nature. Humans had never met aliens before, but now they were meeting the Simiu. The Simiu invite the humans to dock at their space station and they start visiting each other. Mahree spends a lot of time with Dhurrrkk’ and they learn each other’s language.

This book has a bit of a slow start, but it’s worth it to keep reading. I liked it a lot, particularly the second half.

It’s about dealing with beings who are different from you, and listening to young people.

I’ve read 5 book by Crispin, the others all Star Trek. I previously reviewed Star Trek: Sarek.

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