{4.5/5} “The first thing she’d struggled for was saving to buy more memory, but whether that had been a self-aware struggle or a pre-aware struggle or a zombie struggle or just an unexpected kink in her programming, she didn’t know. The ability to think, to want things, was something her owners would have seen as a bug, but to her it was everything.” (from “The Panda Coin”)

Starlings by Jo Walton, published in 2018

“Three Twilight Tales” is a set of 3 stories linked by taking place in the same village where magic is possible. “On the Wall” is from the point of view of a magic mirror. “Relentlessly Mundane” is about what happens when 3 people return to our world from a fantasy world and 1 person doesn’t. “Turnover” is about how people live on a ship that’s in the middle of its multi-generational voyage to a colony planet.

Walton hasn’t written a lot of short stories, but those she has written are in this book — along with 1 play and some poems.

The stories are all pretty short and might not knock your socks off. But all of them are funny and/or perceptive. Walton is full of intriguing ideas.

I haven’t read any poetry in decades but the poetry is enjoyable, to the extent that I understood it.

If you’re a fan of Walton’s novels you’ll want to see what she’s done at shorter lengths.

I’ve read 4 of Walton’s books. I previously reviewed My Real Children.

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