Ancestor’s World: A Novel of StarBridge

{4.5/5} “The contracts Nordlund had signed with the Na-Dina promised enough hydroelectric power to double their world’s energy production.. That wold make possible more factories, more mills. Soon the Na-Dina would be able to build all the wonders the Infidels used so casually, and then the People would have no more need for the off-worlders.”

Ancestor’s World: A Novel of StarBridge by A. C. Crispin & T. Jackson King, published in 1996

On Ancestor’s World, a world recently encountered by the CLS, an archeologist has found an intact 6000-year-old royal tomb. Intriguingly, it also has Mizari artifacts inside. When the Interrelator is killed, Mahree Burroughs travels with a team to Ancestor’s World to help investigate the tomb — and solve the murder of her friend.

The story includes a murder mystery, a greedy corporation, a divided population, and an archeological adventure.

This is the 10th book I’ve read by Crispin, and the 1st by King.

I previously reviewed the 5th book in the series, Silent Songs.

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