StarBridge 4: Serpent’s Gift

{4.5/5} “‘I argued for her admission,’ Rob confessed, ‘because I was worried that if she didn’t find something challenging to do with her skills, this girl would get herself into serious trouble.'”

StarBridge 4: Serpent’s Gift by A. C. Crispin with Deborah A. Marshall, published in 1992

The asteroid that StarBridge Academy is on was donated by the Mizari. Now artifacts have been found in a cave, and some think that they’re from the Lost Colony. A couple of archaeologists are looking for more evidence. Meanwhile, an 11-year-old named Heather arrives with the new students. She’s younger than the rest, and Dr. Rob’s not sure about her attitude — but she’s an amazing telepath.

This is the 8th book I’ve read by Crispin, and the 1st by Marshall.

It doesn’t have any new aliens, but it does have the terrific characters Dr. Rob and Doctor Blanket. And it has characters learning from their mistakes.

I previously reviewed the 3rd book in the series, Shadow World.

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