The Million

{4.5/5} “Like most of the scions of the Million, these ones were intensely focused, serious, and cautious around their elders. They should be — all of human civilization rest on their shoulders.”

The Million by Karl Schroeder, published in 2018

There are a million people in the world. Bernie is a smart guy but a brain injury has made him unpredictable. Gavin, Bernie’s brother, isn’t supposed to exist — so he never sees anyone other than his family. When an air force arrives at their estate unannounced, Gavin knows they’ve come for him.

This is a novella that takes place in the same universe as Lockstep. Schroeder may write further in this universe — that would be welcome.

The publisher, Tor, is pulling a scam — making you pay the same for a 185 page book with wide margins as a normal 300 page book. Of course, that’s not Schroeder’s fault.

It’s about friendship, a big conspiracy, and getting to the bottom of things. It’s about the relationship between the people who live in the lockstep and the people who don’t (the Million).

As with all of Schroeder’s books, it’s got great ideas and characters.

I’ve read 6 of Schroeder’s books. I previously reviewed Lockstep.

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