The Humans

{5/5} “Humans, as a rule, don’t like mad people unless they are good at painting, and only then once they are dead. But the definition of mad, on Earth, seems to be very unclear and inconsistent. What is perfectly sane in one era turns out to be insane in another.”

The Humans by Matt Haig, published in 2013

The alien is sent to Earth to take over the life of mathematician Andrew Martin, who has just proved the Riemann Hypothesis — which will eventually lead to humans building technology they’re not ready for. The aliens must remove all evidence of the proof — including killing any humans Martin told about it. When the alien first appears in the form of Martin, he’s naked in the middle of the road.

It’s a bit like 3rd Rock from the Sun.

It’s a short novel, but it’s packed with insights and hilarity. It’s about love, and being human.

One more quotation: “Being human is being a young child on Christmas Day who receives an absolutely magnificent castle. And there is a perfect photograph of this castle on the box and you want more than anything to play with the castle and the knights and the princesses because it looks like such a perfectly human world, but the only problem is that the castle isn’t built. It’s in tiny intricate pieces, and although there’s a book of instructions you don’t understand it.”

I’ve read 2 books by Haig. I previously reviewed How to Stop Time.

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