Star Trek: Enterprise — Surak’s Soul

{4.5/5} “This is why we study the teachings of Surak, that we might avoid our natural impulse to wreak violence. We struggle daily, we meditate, we utilize our intelligence to the maximum, all in order to master that impulse.”

Star Trek: Enterprise — Surak’s Soul by J. M. Dillard, published in 2003

Archer leads a landing party to an inhabited planet where there’s a plague. There are very few people left alive, and the rest of them are dying. One of the victims attempts to attack Hoshi but T’Pol fires her phaser — even on the stun setting, it kills him. T’Pol is troubled by this event — she previously promised herself that she would not kill.

It’s a short book but a good one.

It’s about communicating with a being very different from you, and about the philosophy of nonviolence.

I’ve read 11 books by Dillard. I previously reviewed Star Trek: The Lost Years.

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