Whose Line is it Anyway? (season 14)

{4.5/5} “500 points for coming up with the phrase ‘Buddy the stress relieving iguana.'”

Whose Line is it Anyway? season 14, aired in 2018

Wayne, Colin, and Ryan are joined by such luminaries as Greg Proops, Jeff Davis, Gary Anthony Williams, Jonathan Mangum, Keegan Michael-Key, Heather Anne Campbell, Brad Sherwood, and Chip Esden. They play such fun games as Scenes from a Hat, Props, Greatest Hits, Hollywood Director, Weird Newscasters, Questions, Sound Effects, Newsflash, World’s Worst, Party Quirks, Let’s Make a Date, Mixed Messages, Infomercial, Helping Hands, and Hoe Down.

The hoe down where Ryan laughs so hard he can’t finish his verse is pretty funny.

I previously reviewed season 13.

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