Star Trek: Enterprise — Last Full Measure

{4/5} “Even as he grinned in triumph at having broken through at least some of the barriers that lay between him and Chang, shadowy thoughts began creeping into the back of Mayweather’s mind. Once again, he couldn’t help but wonder whether Sub-Commander T-Pol would really consider the coming mission to be ‘appropriate, prudent, and logical.'”

Star Trek: Enterprise — Last Full Measure by Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels, published in 2006

Things are a bit tense on the Enterprise, as it’s been in the Expanse for weeks and they haven’t come across any hints of the Xindi. The Starfleet and MACO personnel are also starting to get on each other’s nerves. Even Travis is tired of his roommate. While en route to a planet Xindi are supposedly known to visit, all the humans in the mess hall have a seizure all at once due to an anomaly.

This novel takes place during season 3, except for a prologue and epilogue that take place decades later.

The authors gave themselves a difficult task, setting the story around the beginning of the Xindi arc — when there could be no significant repercussions. In a general sense, they did a good job. When it comes down to the details, it’s a bit more melodramatic, a bit more simplistic, a bit more repetitive than the usual Star Trek story.

Travis and Malcolm get to see lots of action this time.

There are some intriguing parts to the story, including a revelation that (I’m guessing) will have a big impact on further books in the series.*

I’ve read 4 books by this writing team, plus 2 solo books by Martin. I previously reviewed Star Trek Titan: Fallen Gods by Martin.

Spoiler alert

*Contrary to the last episode of the show, Trip is still alive.

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