Star Trek: Enterprise — Rosetta

{4.5/5} “What is going to happen when we meet up with an alien race that doesn’t have two arms and two legs and doesn’t think like we do, doesn’t organize concepts the way we do?”

Star Trek: Enterprise — Rosetta by Dave Stern, published in 2006

The Enterprise comes across aliens who make it clear they don’t want them in their territory. But Hoshi has so far been unable to translate their language. When the Thelasian Confederacy invites them to visit, they find out the Confederacy is ready to go to war with these aliens. But Archer thinks they should finish the translation first.

This is set in Enterprise‘s 4th season, and addresses one thing that the show didn’t — how Hoshi felt after being kidnapped by the Xindi.

The secondary characters have nice roles, particularly Hoshi and Malcolm.

It’s a great story — the best part is the investigation and interaction with the mysterious Antianna.

This is the 1st book I’ve read by Stern. He was the editor of the Pocket Star Trek books for some time.

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