Star Trek: Enterprise — A Choice of Futures

{4.5/5} “Reluctantly at first, not without anger… but we talked, and after a while we started to listen. And that paved the way for more of us to be willing to talk, and to listen. And both our peoples began to understand that what we hated each other for was far in the past, no longer relevant to the present.”

Star Trek: Enterprise — Rise of the Federation: A Choice of Futures by Christopher L. Bennett, published in 2013

Jonathan Archer has been promoted to admiral and the Enterprise has been retired. T’Pol is now captain of the Endeavor, and Archer uses it as his flagship. He helps the Tandarans search for some Suliban raiders, and when he finds them he discovers they’re really Malurians. Archer got his information about the raiders from Trip, who’s still working for Section 31.

The story includes Elizabeth Cutler, Soval, and Shran. It also includes Tobin Dax, one of the precursors to Jadzia Dax.

It’s about adapting to new situations, working together with other species, and interacting with mysterious beings.

It takes the old Enterprise crew into a new stage of their lives, but the characters still feel like themselves.

The previous entry in the story of the 22nd century is The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm by Michael A. Martin.

I’ve read 6 novels and 3 stories by Bennett. I previously reviewed his story Star Trek: DTI — Shield of the Gods.

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