Little Sister

{4.5/5} “Being in that streamlined, percolating body with its loose joints and eagle vision was an indescribable thrill, beyond anything she had ever felt or imagined feeling.”

Little Sister by Barbara Gowdy, published in 2017

Rose runs a movie theatre — she lives with her mother who has dementia, and has a boyfriend she sees several times a week. She starts having episodes where she finds herself in someone else’s body. She can’t control it, and that someone is always the same, a woman named Harriett. Harriett reminds her of her deceased sister, and Rose tracks her down.

Some chapters show Rose’s life as a kid, when she had a sister. The story takes place in Toronto.

It’s a terrific story, with a satisfying ending.

This is the 2nd book I’ve read by Gowdy — I previously read and enjoyed her novel The White Bone.

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