Star Trek: Enterprise — Live by the Code

{5/5} “Mayweather… tried to imagine wanting the experience he’d undergone inside the Ware, believing it was necessary and just. Would it really be so wrong for someone to free him from that condition, that conviction, over his protests? Would he be better off staying inside? He couldn’t believe that.”

Star Trek: Enterprise — Rise of the Federation: Live by the Code by Christopher L. Bennett, published in 2016

Starfleet is still looking for the creators of the Ware, the automated stations. Captain Reed comes across some people who wouldn’t have been able to create their civilization without the Ware. Meanwhile, the Klingon Chancellor M’Rek has been assassinated and Phlox travels to Qo’noS  to determine who killed him. Meanwhile, Captain T’Pol is on the trail of V’Las, who fled Vulcan after his attempted coup.

This an extra special book about how trying to help another civilization can cause harm, how civilizations could be created out of primitive beings with the right technology, and how people can let go of enmities when they’re forced to look at their so-called enemy in the face.

It also brings many of the old Enterprise crew back together.

This is the best Star Trek: Enterprise book so far.

I’ve read 9 novels and 3 stories by Bennett. The previous entry in the story of the 22nd century is Bennett’s Rise of the Federation: Uncertain Logic.

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