Star Trek: Federation

{4.5/5} “More than any being now living, Sarek had shaped the Federation, guiding it in its transition. Under his direction, it had evolved over the past century from an expansionist cobbling-together of idealistic, often unrealistic worlds eager to forge an unprecedented alliance without a clear idea of how that could be accomplished, to a mature and stable institution for which each new admission was a further infusion of strength for the integrated whole.”

Star Trek: Federation by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens, published in 1994

After delivering Sarek and the other ambassadors to the Babel conference, Captain Kirk has a new mission. Something is happening in the area where he left Zephram Cochrane and the Companion. He kept the fact that he ran into Cochrane a secret — but someone may have stolen his personal logs.

Ninety-nine years later Captain Picard has mind melded with Sarek to help him with his last negotiation as ambassador. Then he runs into a Ferengi in a stolen Romulan ship who claims to have a piece of Borg technology.

There have been other crossovers between The Original Series and The Next Generation, but this is probably the only time where the whole crew of each ship is involved. They don’t actually meet face to face, but the authors devise a clever way for them to help each other.

There’s some technobabble about warp speed and black holes — other than that, it’s a terrific story.

This is the 2nd time I’ve read it.

I’ve read 9 Star Trek novels that the Reeves-Stevens wrote or co-wrote. I previously reviewed Star Trek: Prime Directive.

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