Star Trek: Ishmael

{5/5} “Aaron had accepted him as an alien, a stranger trying to blend into his surroundings, to the point where he found himself forgetting that Ish was not of this world. But there were times when Ishmael would not and did not blend, and his calmly critical observations had a way of making Aaron wonder about those surroundings which he had always taken for granted.”

Star Trek: Ishmael by Barbara Hambly, published in 1985

Spock is stuck on Earth in 1867, and he has amnesia. A sawmill owner takes him in and gives him a job. Meanwhile, he hopes his memory will eventually return.

Spock was on a Klingon ship that disappeared. Kirk is trying to decipher Spock’s last cryptic message, in order to find him. Eventually he realizes that he’s in the past.

It’s a brilliant story of time travel and amnesia. It’s about friendship, blending in as much as you can, and the effects you have on other people.

It’s also a crossover with the TV show Here Come the Brides, which I haven’t seen. Mark Lenard, who played Sarek, had a starring role in that show.

This is the 2nd time I’ve read it.

I’ve read 3 Star Trek and 14 fantasy novels by Hambly.

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