Star Trek: The Shocks of Adversity

{4.5/5} “Satrav did not misunderstand Sulu and Chekov; he refused to listen to them, or to accept their input as valid. This incident, as well as others, illustrate the Domain’s propensity for unilateral action, and an unwillingness to engage in the type of cooperative effort we had agreed to.”

Star Trek: The Shocks of Adversity by William Leisner, published in 2013

The Enterprise is investigating the Nystrom Anomaly when they discover it’s hiding a system with a class M planet. They’re attacked by some aliens and helped by others, the latter of which — the Goeg — say they have their own federation. Since there’s serious damage to part of the Enterprise’s structure, the Goeg say they’ll link up to take them to a repair facility.

It’s about dealing with a situation that isn’t what it appeared to be.

Leisner knows the characters well, and is able to come up with a different problem than ones we’ve seen before.

This is the 2nd book I’ve read by Leisner. I previously read and enjoyed Star Trek: The Next Generation — Losing the Peace.

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