Ancillary Mercy

{5/5} “Anaander Mianaai is at war with herself… That war may reach Athoek, or it may not. Either way… We must see to the safety of the citizens here ourselves. All the citizens here, not just the ones with the right accents, or the proper religious beliefs.”

Ancillary Mercy by Ann Leckie, published in 2015

Athoek Station was just getting over a disaster in which the gravity had been turned off for 3 days. Some representative of the Presger was arriving — extremely powerful aliens that humans had a treaty with. But the Presger’s former translator on Athoek had been killed by someone foolish. And the Lord of the Radch — the one that disliked Breq immensely — was about to arrive in force.

This is the sequel to Ancillary Sword and completes the Imperial Radch trilogy.

It’s about respect for all intelligences — organic and artificial — and letting them choose their own destiny.

The solution to the problem is magnificent.

I’ve read 3 books by Leckie, and I will read more.

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