DaCapo Choir’s “Following the Moonroad”

I attended DaCapo Chamber Choir’s concert “Following the Moonroad.”

Here’s the program:

  • Past life melodies — Sarah Hopkins
  • Lamentatio — Leonard Enns*
  • Tabula Rasa — Don Macdonald
  • Peace — Carlyle Sharpe
  • Vient le jour — Robert Ingari*
  • Following the Moonroad — Christine Donkin*
    • The Moon is a Stone that Shines
    • Flight of the Fugitive Slave
    • The Gracious Exchange
    • Flight of the Fugitive Slave — Coda
    • I am here
    • Mangata
  • Ubi Caritas — Paul Mealor

This was the world premiere of “Following the Moonroad” and the composer was in attendance. DaCapo commissioned Christine Donkin to write this piece, and she commissioned 3 poets to write the lyrics:

  • Connie Braun
  • George Elliott Clarke
  • Lozan Yamolky

These poets have refugee experience themselves or in a previous generation of their family. Leonard Enns, the choir’s director, says this in the program: “Donkin has created a wholly compelling, provocative, and deeply satisfying work, a composition that challenges any assumed ‘neutrality of art’ and speaks boldly and profoundly to our present situation as a human family.”

It was a special experience to hear this extremely talented choir sing this astonishing piece of music. The 3 poets read their poetry before the choir sang — this also added to the experience.

The guest cellist was Miriam Stewart-Kroker, who played on the pieces marked with *. The Enns piece was cello only, and the rest were with choir.

I previously discussed their concert “White Lights in Darkness.”

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  1. Dave Switzer Says:

    For those of you who have been wanting to hear DaCapo sing “Follow the Moonroad,” you can listen to it here…

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