Murdoch Mysteries (season 12)

{5/5} “‘I took a second job.’ ‘You? You barely have enough energy for one.'” — Higgins & Crabtree

Murdoch Mysteries season 12, aired in 2018-19

William and Julia move into their own home, which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Higgins resigns after Brackenreid gets upset at how much work time he’s spending planning his wedding. Then at the wedding someone fires a shot at Higgins. Murdoch impersonates a French diplomat at the behest of Terence Meyers in order to secure a treaty with Britain and Russia.

In “Secrets and Lies” Brackenreid visits St. Marys — and the episode was filmed in St. Marys.

Henry and Ruth run into W. K. Kellogg, who’s just invented Corn Flakes.

The season ends with a 2-part episode that you’ll want to watch all at once. For a show that’s always brilliant, they manage to kick things up a notch for this season finale. If the show doesn’t happen to be renewed, it would serve well as a series finale.

Shanice Banton plays Miss Hart and Siobhan Murphy plays Ruth Newsome.

I previously reviewed season 11.

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