Star Trek: New Earth — The Flaming Arrow

{4.5/5} “Gamma Night was due any moment now, and if it caught him in midtransport, he’d be stuck in the pattern buffer until the particle storm’s disruptive influence was over. It was theoretically possible to survive a lengthy stay in the buffer, but he wasn’t willing to try it for anything less than a life-or-death emergency, which this was not.”

Star Trek: New Earth — The Flaming Arrow by Kathy Oltion & Jerry Oltion, published in 2000

Captain Kirk knows the Kauld haven’t given up on the olivium that the Enterprise is protecting. He knows there’s something more to their latest kamikaze assault but he doesn’t know what it is. Meanwhile, he’s sent McCoy and Scotty on a scouting mission into the neighbouring systems. They learn about a plan the Kauld have implemented that’s so deadly and unstoppable the Belle Terre colonists have no choice but to evacuate.

There’s a lot of technobabble related to investigating the problem. Other than that, it was a worthy entry in the series.

This is the 2nd book I’ve read by Jerry Oltion, and the 1st by Kathy Oltion.

The previous book in the series is Star Trek: New Earth — Rough Trails.

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