Star Trek: Wagon Train to the Stars

{4.5/5} “Only with great bitterness did he cling to the tiny thread that this is what he counted on McCoy to do, this kind of seething honesty that burned every decision down to its core. Kirk depended on the doctor’s natural dissent to read the handwriting on every wall.”

Star Trek: New Earth — Wagon Train to the Stars by Diane Carey, published in 2000

Captain Kirk is providing security to a convoy of ships on their way to a colonize a new planet, Belle Terre. The planet’s governor isn’t happy about Kirk’s presence. A smuggler Kirk previously arrested is also among the convoy. Meanwhile, in the system they’re heading for two alien races have been at war for centuries.

This story provides the crew with a mission that’s different from what they’ve done before, as it will take many months to reach their destination.

It’s a great story, with a nice role for Chekov. It takes place before Star Trek II, when they’re just getting their new uniforms.

I’ve read 10 books by Carey. I previously reviewed Star Trek: Final Frontier.

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