Identity Crisis

{4.5/5} “There’s a rumble in Clark’s voice that he usually reserves just for Bruce. At first, I thought it was anger, or just annoyance. It’s not. It’s fear. The killer is systematically targeting our wives. And bulletproof skin is useless against grief.”

Identity Crisis by Brad Meltzer & Rags Morales, published in 2016

The Justice League is shocked to find that Sue Dibny, the Elongated Man’s wife, has been killed. Security at the house is airtight, and hasn’t been breached. So they’re looking for someone who can teleport. Every member of the league is on the case, searching for clues, the killer, or someone who knows who the killer is. When they come across Dr. Light, a few people find out about something terrible some members of the league did years ago.

The overall story is terrific. It’s a comic book for comic book fans, like All-Star Superman. As someone who only dips his toe in now and then, I found many of the details confusing.

It’s about making difficult choices.

This is the first book I’ve read by Meltzer — he usually writes thrillers.

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