Blue Bloods (season 9)

{4.5/5} “Waiting to make the perfect decision means you’ll never make any decision.”

Blue Bloods season 9, aired in 2018-19

Erin has been promoted, but she’s not sure how to feel about it because her former boss was murdered. Jamie and Eddie are engaged and they intend to still ride together — even though everyone, including his dad, thinks it’s a bad idea. Danny finds the man who burned down his house but he can’t prove it — yet. Erin finds out that a good case was dropped because her former boss’s boss ordered it.

It’s about humans who make mistakes, and admit it when they do — and apologize.

It’s another fine season, and it ends with a beautiful wedding.

Stars Robert Clohessy, Gregory Jbara, and Abigail Hawk.

Lou Diamond Phillips plays recurring villain Louis Delgado.

I previously reviewed season 8.

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