Ridding the world of smoking

Here’s an article from Vox that details how smoking has gone down dramatically in Canada and the US but has gone up elsewhere in the world. One way of improving things is by enforcing the terms of a treaty which 180 countries have signed — the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Tobacco companies have engaged in horrible activities, which may or may not be surprising — but countries around the world need to band together to defeat them.

What would it take to rid the world of smoking forever

New Zealand has a goal of becoming smoke free by 2025 — if that happens I would very much like to move there.

What else could be done? How about just stop selling them — make them illegal. As this ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) article points out, “Cigarettes are the only consumer good that kills when used as their manufacturer intends.”

Let’s get rid of cigarettes

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