Star Trek: Crucible — The Fire and the Rose

{5/5} “‘Edith,’ Jim whispered. Spock felt as though he’d been stabbed. All of the emotions he’d been experiencing in recent days, and all the way back to his second encounter with the Guardian, even back to his first encounter, came charging back. He could focus on only one thought: What have I done?

Star Trek: Crucible — Spock: The Fire and the Rose by David R. George III, published in 2006

After the Enterprise has been retired, the Bureau of Interplanetary Affairs asks Spock to become an ambassador at large. At his first assignment he meets Alexandra Tremontaine, a human woman he begins a relationship with. Then Spock gets the devastating news that his old friend Jim Kirk has died.

This book answers the question: Why did Spock undergo Kolinahr?

It’s about emotions and logic, love and friendship. In addition to Kirk and McCoy, Sarek and Amanda are featured.

Like the previous book in the series, it alternates between 1930 and the 23rd century. It’s stunning.

This is the 2nd time I’ve read it.

I previously reviewed George’s Star Trek: Crucible — McCoy: Provenance of Shadows.

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