The Big Bang Theory (season 12)

{5/5} “I don’t do anything for a stupid reason. Except, perhaps, Talk Like a Pirate Day, and I’d argue that’s more whimsical than stupid.”

The Big Bang Theory season 12, aired in 2018-19

Sheldon and Amy start their honeymoon off right — at Legoland. Raj gets invited to talk about a meteor shower on the local news, and later asks his dad to arrange a marriage for him. Sheldon and Amy are baffled by the wedding gift they received from Leonard and Penny. Stuart asks Denise out on a date. Penny tells Leonard that she doesn’t want to have kids. Sheldon’s best friend from high school shows up in town — he doesn’t realize he’s on Sheldon’s enemies list.

This is the last season. The finale is glorious.

A comedy maintaining its hilariousness for 12 years is an astonishing achievement.

Stars Rati Gupta.

William Shatner, Kevin Smith, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar play Dungeons & Dragons with Wil Wheaton in one episode. Incredibly, Sarah Michelle Gellar makes an appearance in the finale.

I previously reviewed season 11.

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