The End of the Day

{4.5/5} “And sometimes I cannot wait for the sun to rise, because the world is full of people, of human beings singing their songs and telling their stories, of life and passion, glory and wonder, and Death is not a thing to fear, but is life’s mirror, reminding us to live, live, live, and I am honoured, I am so honoured to travel the world and see that the world is a place of people, and to be alive with them, living with them, even at the end.”

The End of the Day by Claire North, published in 2017

Charlie, a human, is the Harbinger of Death. He gets notes about where to go and who to see, and he does it — sometimes as a courtesy, sometimes as a warning. On one visit he meets a man and his granddaughter who are being kicked out of their apartment — he decides to let them stay at his place for a while.

It’s slices of life from different places around the world, including Syria, Nigeria, and the US.

It has a subtle sense of humour, but on the whole it’s pretty serious. It’s about people who have done something good with their life and people who have not.

It may take a bit to get into the story, but it’s worth sticking with it — it’s very good.

I’ve read 4 books by North. I previously reviewed The Sudden Appearance of Hope.

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