Star Trek: The Motion Picture

{3.5/5} “And they probably redesigned the whole sickbay too. I know engineers — they love to change things.”

Star Trek: The Motion Picture, released in 1979

A giant cloud of great destructive power is heading directly toward Earth. Admiral Kirk takes command of the Enterprise in order to investigate. McCoy reluctantly comes aboard when Kirk tells him he needs him. Spock also comes aboard, but he’s been undergoing Kolinahr and is more unemotional than ever. When they get close to the cloud, a probe in the shape of Lieutenant Ilia informs them it calls itself V’Ger — and it’s looking for the creator.

It’s a frustratingly disappointing movie — although it has its moments, and Star Trek fans should definitely watch it. On the other hand, we’re perhaps lucky that it is as good as it is, given all the behind the scenes trouble.

I don’t mind the slow beginning — the Enterprise looks great and Jerry Goldsmith’s music is thrilling. But the scenes of V’Ger intercut with reactions from the crew are interminable.

This movie has a fantastic look to it, and the general concept is good, but lots of details are not so good.

There are lovely scenes between Kirk and Scotty, Kirk and McCoy, and Kirk and Spock. And Spock’s realization that he can incorporate emotions into his being is a terrific part.

Stars William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Majel Barrett, Stephen Collins, and Persis Khambatta. Directed by Robert Wise (The Sound of Music). The music by Jerry Goldsmith is stunning, particularly “Ilia’s Theme.”

This is the 5th or 6th time I’ve seen it. I previously reviewed Star Trek Beyond.

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