Star Trek: The More Things Change

{4.5/5} “I served as his nurse for years before I became a doctor, and those old habits are hard to break — for both of us. He’s still my superior officer, but there are times when it feels like nothing has changed, and insecurities I thought I’d left behind… Well, since he returned to active duty, I’ve started to consider if remaining aboard the Enterprise is what’s best for my career. Which is sad to think about, because I love that ship and crew.”

Star Trek: The More Things Change by Scott Pearson, published in 2014

Spock and Doctor Christine Chapel are transporting Commissioner Audrid Dax aboard a shuttlecraft. They are meeting a Trill starship, because of Dax’s condition which she hasn’t given them any details about. When Dax seems to get worse and communications go out, Chapel thinks that Dax will need to overcome the Trill reluctance to talk about medical matters with non-Trill.

This is a short story only available as an ebook.

It’s a nice little story with a fun ending. The conversation between Spock and Chapel is the best part.

This is the 1st story I’ve read by Pearson.

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