Children of Ruin

{4.5/5} “He understands that perhaps the aliens are simply not good at communicating. Still, they show neither aggression nor fear, and Paul has a sudden leap of cognition — a moment when all his parts contribute to the whole — and sees that there is a germ of commonality there. They are trying, and why would they, if they were just destructive monsters?”

Children of Ruin by Adrian Tchaikovsky, published in 2019

A terraforming ship has arrived at the designated system, and the crew is awakened. They find that the planet they were going to terraform is full of life forms. The next planet, an ice world, has potential. They split into 2 teams — one will explore and catalogue, the other will terraform. Then thirty-year-old news from Earth comes, and it’s about war.

This is the sequel to Children of Time.

This book will grab you right away. The 2 storylines take place thousands of years apart — both are fascinating.

It’s about humans, uplifted spiders, and AI meeting uplifted octopuses and inconceivable aliens. It’s about thinking about things from another being’s point of view.

This is the 2nd book by Tchaikovsky I’ve read. I’m very interested in reading more.

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  1. James Says:

    Glad it lived up to the first book!

    I think you’d really like his other recent book, Dogs of War…

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