Elementary (season 7)

{5/5} “As long as we’re together, what does it matter?”

Elementary season 7, aired in 2019

Sherlock and Joan are looking into an acid attack, but unlike similar recent attacks this one wasn’t a robbery. Joan is having some trouble adapting to life in London, since all her friends and family are back in the US. Meanwhile, Captain Gregson is shot, and they’re not sure if he’s going to make it. Joan and Sherlock rush to New York to help with the case — even though Sherlock isn’t allowed in the country.

This is the last season, and there are only 13 episodes. It’s a worthy ending to this top-notch show.

Even after all the surprises this show has had, you’ll be surprised at the ending of episode 2. As for the finale, it brings things to a very nice conclusion.

Jon Huertas guest stars in one episode, and John Noble returns.

James Frain joins the cast as Odin Reichenbach.

I previously reviewed season 6.

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