Star Trek: Serpents Among the Ruins

{4.5/5} “She had pledged her cooperation to Captain Harriman, a man she had known — and trusted, at least to some extent — for some time, but what he had asked of her  held danger not only for her, but for her people as well… Kamemor had labored a very long time for peace, had struggled against prevailing sentiment that held war to be inevitable, and yet what she did or did not do in the next several moments might decide everything.”

Star Trek: The Lost Era — Serpents Among the Ruins by David R. George III, published in 2003

Tensions between the Federation and the Romulan Empire have been high for some time — in fact, many people think war is inevitable. The Romulans annexed the world of the Koltaari, which was previously in neutral space. Now Starfleet is testing the starship Universe, the first ship with hyperwarp drive. Captain John Harriman and the Enterprise-B are there for the test — and Harriman’s father is in charge.

We get to see more of Demora Sulu, Chancellor Azetbur, and Romulan ambassador Gell Kamemor.

The book tells the story of “the Tomed incident,” which is referred to in Star Trek: The Next Generation. It’s about doing whatever it takes to ensure peace in the galaxy. It’s about diplomacy, belligerence, and secret missions.

I’ve read 14 of George’s books. I previously reviewed Star Trek: Crucible — Kirk: The Star to Every Wandering.

Within the Lost Era series, I previously reviewed Star Trek: The Lost Era — The Sundered.

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