Star Trek: The Lost Era — Deny Thy Father

{4.5/5} “Getting into Starfleet, moving up the ranks, becoming a senior officer — those have been my goals since I was a kid. Now they’re within range — I can almost close my hands around those gold pips. I can’t afford to lose momentum. I can’t let anything get in the way of that goal.”

Star Trek: The Lost Era — Deny Thy Father by Jeff Mariotte, published in 2003

Kyle Riker is attacked in his home and later finds out that he’s being accused of conspiring with Tholians to attack Starbase 311 — he’s not sure if the two are related. Meanwhile, his son Will is in 2nd year at Starfleet Academy — he’s on a weeklong scavenger hunt in San Francisco for Admiral Paris’s class. Kyle and Will haven’t spoken to each other in 5 years.

It’s about figuring out what kind of person you’re going to be.

There are appearances from Benjamin Sisko, Katherine Pulaski, Leonard McCoy, and Kathryn Janeway.

I’ve read 1 novel and 1 graphic novel by Mariotte.

The previous novel in the Lost Era series is Well of Souls.

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