Adult Wednesday Addams (season 1 & 2)

{5/5} “She just had a brush with death. What better way to connect with the fragility of life than a reminder that your body is merely a sack of bones and blood?”

Adult Wednesday Addams season 1 & 2, aired in 2013-15

Wednesday Addams is moving out on her own and is looking for a place to live and a job. She tries online dating, but has trouble finding someone suitable. When Wednesday is out walking some dogs she comes across a woman who hasn’t scooped up after her dog. She tends to surprise people she deals with, like her driving instructor and the person at the flea market she tries to buy fleas from.

This show consists of 13 episodes, each a few minutes long. The entire series can currently be seen here.

It cleverly and hilariously answers the question: What would Wednesday be like when she grew up?

Stars Melissa Hunter, who is brilliant — I hope to see her in other things.

Created by Melissa Hunter (the TV movie Wolfgirl).

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