{4.5/5} “People from the Republics hold the pursuit of excellence as a goal. The other cultural goals I have encountered in my experience and researches seem much less conducive to producing happiness for individuals and societies. Additionally, we do all believe in constant examination of facts and positions; and even when this decays to pious lip service, as it sometimes can, it is a valuable ideal.”

Necessity by Jo Walton, published in 2016

Zeus has taken the people from the Just City and the other cities on Thera and put them somewhere they can’t affect Earth history — on another planet, in the 26th century. The planet has been named Plato. They met 2 species of aliens, some of whom stuck around. Apollo learns that Athene has gotten herself lost outside of time, and he means to rescue her.

This is the sequel to The Philsopher Kings. It concludes the trilogy.

The point of view characters for most of the book are: Apollo; Jason, whose job is fishing; Marsilia, daughter of Neleus, granddaughter of Simmea, who works on the council but also likes fishing; and Crocus, one of the sentient machines.

It’s about learning, freedom, and friendship. Readers of the earlier books will definitely want to stick around for the conclusion.

I’ve read 6 of Walton’s novels, 1 collection, and some of her nonfiction book.

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