Star Trek: The Next Generation — Q-in-Law

{4.5/5} “‘A bubbling over of the repressed anger I sensed earlier, Captain,’ Troi said. ‘At the same time, I sensed a degree of confusion, even regret, that matters had come to this. No one is truly happy about this turn of events, but there is too much pride involved for anyone to turn back now.'”

Star Trek: The Next Generation — Q-in-Law by Peter David, published in 1991

The Tizarins are having a wedding on board the Enterprise — the festivities last a week. Lwaxana Troi arrives to represent Betazed. Then an uninvited visitor shows up — Q. Captain Picard tells him he’s not welcome, but the fathers of the bride and groom insist he must stay.

It’s about love and marriage, and bumps along the way. It’s about people willing to go to war, and a godlike being’s capricious nature.

It has David’s usual sense of humour, and is a pleasure to read.

This is the 2nd time I’ve read it.

I’ve read 26 novels, 3 graphic novels, and a bunch of comic books by David. I previously reviewed Star Trek: TNG — A Rock and a Hard Place.

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