{4.5/5} “I’m no John Kennedy. If you want to hear the speech he gave on 15th May 1961, go find it. But the mandate I’m giving you now is similar. You have a challenge to fulfill that is immeasurably harder than flying to the moon, yet immeasurably more important. Your starship must be ready to fly by 2040, or all our futures may be lost.”

Ark by Stephen Baxter, published in 2009

Most people didn’t listen to Thandie Jones when she claimed that water was rising from subterranean seas and would eventually cover all land on Earth. But Nathan Lammockson listened, as did some of his fellow uber-wealthy people. They knew they would have to think big, for the future of humanity. So they planned Ark One, a spaceship to take people away from Earth.

This is the sequel to Flood. A few characters carry over from the previous book but most are new.

It has a more hopeful feel than the previous book. One character develops a clever variant of chess called infinite chess.

It’s about dealing with things that come up when you have 80 people on a spaceship. It’s about the necessity of educating the next generation.

I’ve read 14 books by Baxter, and I will read more.

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