Frozen II

{4/5} “Come on, it’ll be fun. Assuming we don’t get stuck here, and no one ever finds us, and you starve and I give up.”

Frozen II, released in 2019

Elsa, Queen of Arendelle, hears a voice that no one else can hear. It seems to be coming from the Enchanted Forest, which is covered in a dense fog — no one has gone in or out of it in years. Many years ago, Elsa and Anna’s grandfather was killed by the dwellers of the forest. Now they must find out what really happened.

It’s great to see our friends from Arendelle again. The movie is, of course, beautifully animated.

It didn’t grab me quite as much as the previous one, but there are lots of superb parts. When Olaf retells the story of the first movie, it’s hilarious.

The overall story is a bit jumbled, as in The Rise of Skywalker.

There are some terrific songs, although perhaps not as iconic as “Let It Go.” Also, one or two of them are a bit unnecessary. The songs are by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, and the score is from Christophe Beck.

Stars the voices of Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff. Directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee (Frozen).

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  1. Dave Switzer Says:

    During the pandemic Disney is producing some very short (less than a minute) videos in their “At Home With Olaf” series. Here’s “Leaves”:

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