Star Trek: TNG — Guises of the Mind

{4/5} “I’ve never known you to turn away from anyone. That’s love, Data, that’s heart… Love isn’t just about emotion; it’s about choices and action. That’s why I say you have a heart, and like the rest of us, you just have to learn how to recognize what it’s telling you.” — Guinan

Star Trek: TNG — Guises of the Mind by Rebecca Neason, published in 1993

The Enterprise is headed to Capulon IV, where its forward looking king is coming of age. But the king is kidnapped by his twin brother, who plans to take his place. On the Enterprise are two nuns from the Little Mothers. Counsellor Troi discovers that one of them is a telepath, and has no mental shields — her sanity is in Troi’s hands.

It’s about betrayal and second thoughts. It’s about why monarchy isn’t the best system.

Troi plays a key role, and the parts where she is interacting with her patients and the telepathic nun are terrific. Data and Picard are also featured.

The antagonist is a bit mustache twirly. On the whole it’s not quite as great as the Star Trek books I’ve been reading lately.

This is the 1st book I’ve read by Neason.

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