The Aeronauts

{5/5} “Mr. Glaisher, you’re airborne for the first time in your life. I suggest you spend less time frowning at me and more taking in this beautiful world we’ve just left.”

The Aeronauts, released in 2019

Amelia Wren is a balloon pilot who makes a spectacle of herself when she goes up. James Glaisher is a scientist who is going up with her in order to take measurements. They intend to break the height record, going higher than the French recently have. Glaisher believes that science could find a way to predict the weather, but no one agrees.

It’s “inspired” by true events, and takes place in the 1860s.

It’s about the joys of science and beauty. It’s about people who are out of step with their peers.

It’s intense at times — like Gravity, except in the atmosphere instead of in space.

Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne are brilliant together, as they were in The Theory of Everything.

Stars Himesh Patel. Directed by Tom Harper (Wild Rose). The gentle music is by Steven Price.

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