Murdoch Mysteries (season 13)

{5/5} “Sir! I know what lurks in the heart of William Murdoch. It is a passion for justice, a respect for science, and a desire to create ingenious automated machines that might one day save us from doing housework.” — Crabtree

Murdoch Mysteries season 13, aired in 2019-20

Julia is at a suffragette meeting when there’s an explosion — she fears someone is trying to kill the speaker. A young woman’s body is found in a river, but she looks exactly like someone who disappeared 12 years ago — and she hasn’t aged a day Meanwhile, Murdoch has invented a portable phone. George runs into a man named George Crabtree — who he thinks must be his father.

Events in the ongoing story are very dramatic. A theme of second chances emerges.

Claire McConnell plays Effie Newsome, and Marc Senior plays Robert Parker.

I previously reviewed season 12.

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